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Hello, I'm Bertan

Freelance Builder of Websites & Designer of User Interfaces & Experiences living in Berlin.

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I want to realize ideas for the web.

Not only by creating static designs, but also by producing the functioning live website.

To bring an idea to life quickly and test, learn and improve on the go is the key to success in todays digital world.

I’ve had the chance to help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow through a better online presence & experience.

With a history in front-end development and project management, I know the ins and outs of the modern webdesign process.


ui/ux design & protoyping
front-end development

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about me

I am 26 years of age and was born in a small city called Aichach near Munich in Germany.

Growing up I always loved spending too much time on the computer. Experiencing what the internet had to offer i got curious and wanted to know how thinks work.

A friend of mine introduced me to the art of creating and developing for the web 5 years ago.

Luckily it came very natural to me and ignited my passion for bringing to life the picture i see in my head for the world to use.

After putting in the effort and time to learn how to code I decided to create and build for the web for a living.

Realizing the potential and need of full-service support and consulting in the digital industry we started Aribya.

 Aribya is a group of freelancer offering design, development and online-marketing for businesses of all kinds.

things I
also think are cool

E-Sports, Human Psychology & Behavior, World of Warcraft, Blockchain, J.R.R. Tolkien, House of Stark, MMA

'on an endless journey to learn,
create & trying to get better.

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